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The brilliant duo

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Perfect Maintenance-Cleaning

The brilliant duo

a low-odour mainenance cleaner for the effective cleaning of condensate traps, solder frames or oven parts

In the production of SMDs you will usually find cleaning chemicals for the cleaning of solder frames and condensate traps which spread an unpleasant order due to their ingredients. There is a reason why many cleaning units are kept isolated from the production plants, set up in separated rooms. A measure that is absolutely recommendable in terms of health protection. Removing strongly burnt solder flux or degassing residues from SMDs of solder frames or condensate traps, is a high demand on a cleaner, since those commonly consist of delicate materials (aluminium, copper, steel). The new maintenance cleaner KIWOCLEAN EL 9230 MC for KIWO - Kissel + Wolf GmbH combines effective cleaning with a mild odour and is very compatible with different metals.

KIWOCLEAN EL 9230 MC was designed especially for the use in spraying machines and ultrasonic units or for high pressure cleaning machines. KIWOCLEAN EL 9230 MC does not produce greasy residues and can easily be rinsed with water. The average cleaning time is between 10 to 15 minutes already at ambient temperature. The cleaner hardly produces foam und impresses with high load capacity and easy filtration. Hence, it facilitates an economic cleaning process without unpleasant odour pollution.

KIWOCLEAN EL 9230 MC bears no hazard labels according to the Ordinance of Hazardous Substances thus contributing to work safety and simplifies storage. KIWOCLEAN EL 9230 MC is easily biodegradable and available in 25 and 200-liter-units.

The highly efficient cleaner for SMD ovens comes in a handy spray bottle

KIWOCLEAN EL 9100 MC is a highly efficient, water based and alkaline maintenance cleaner in a handy spray bottle for the manual cleaning of reflow and wave-soldering units, condensation solder systems, machine parts, carriers, plastics and glass. Colophony, fluxing agents and degassing residues are cleaned effectively and gently from circuit boards.After spraying the surface und a short reaction time, KIWOCLEAN EL 9100 MC can be removed with a cleaning cloth. There is no need to rinse the surface e.g. with water afterwards.

When developing the product, next to the effective cleaning, emphasis was placed on a low-odour formulation. KIWOCLEAN EL 9100 MC bears no hazard labels and hence improves work safety in production plants. KIWOCLEAN EL 9100 MC is not restricted in the transport by road, see and air, consequently it can be dispatched easily.

KIWOCLEAN EL 9100 MC has been tested by leading manufacturers of solder furnaces who are confirming its outstanding features. KIWO maintenance cleaners KIWOCLEAN EL 9100 MC and KIWOCLEAN EL 9230 MC distinguish with the following characteristics:

  • No hazardous goods in transport according to the Ordinance of national and international carriage of dangerous goods
  • Low VOC content according to VOC regulation 1999/13/EG
  • Free from caustic or harmful ingredients
  • Free from ethanolamine, diethanolamine, triethanolamine
  • No flash point according to DIN 51758, EN 22719
  • Complies with RoHS and WEEE
  • Complies with REACH - free from SIN and SVHC substances
  • Comes with mild odour
  • Very biodegradable according to OECD28
  • Products have no restrictions in regards to the storage with hazardous substances
  • No special storing measures in regards to the water ecology laws required


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