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Bowyer relies on KIWO-Adhesive

High-end bows are made in Plankstadt, near Heidelberg. In the manufacturing process, various kinds of materials are bonded together. Rudi Weick, master carpenter and archery enthusiast, is one of the leading experts in this artisan craft. He develops and builds bows, where both design and functionality are in harmony. And specialty adhesives from KIWO form an essential part of the process.

Rudi says, “I’ve been using this KIWO adhesive for more than 20 years for everything that I need to bond together. This includes wood, bamboo, linen/cotton fibre material, carbon and glass laminates in alternating combinations. Despite the high dynamic stress, which can develop in a bow, neither I nor any of my customers have had an adhesive joint which broke. I’ve been selling the product for years now under the name of “Recubond R900H” and all who have worked with it are extremely satisfied.”

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