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KIWO StencilGuard EL

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KIWO StencilGuard EL

Functional SMD stencil coating – easier cleaning with higher service life

Your advsantage - visibly better printing results:


  • optimum print release
  • excellent printing definition
  • fewer misprints
  • less cleaning required
  • high solvent resistance
  • hig abrasion resistance
Stencil tuner for your SMD stencils

Ever smaller assemblies coupled with even smaller apertures in SMD stencils means that SMD electronic producers daily face new challenges in production.


The Problem:
Any residual paste still sticking to the stencil underside leads to bridge-building between the printed solder paste points on the circuit board and thus to higher rejection rates.

The solution:
This is exactly where the innovative  KIWO StencilGuard EL stencil coating fits in:


The clean stencil underside is pre-treated with the special KIWO StencilClean EL Primer (by means of firm cleaning with a saturated cloth). Then the 1-component high performance coating KIWO StencilGuard EL Coating is applied. Screw the dosing insert onto the bottle. Squirt the StencilGuard onto the lint-free cleaning cloth supplied and firmly polish. After about 20–30 minutes, this already crosslinks with the stencil material and forms a water and flux repellent protective layer.

Effect: The KIWO StencilGuard EL protective coating is 2–3 nanometres thick and has thus no influence on the material thickness of the SMD stencil. On the contrary, the coating shows high mechanical resistance and is also resistant against common cleaning media – inluding solvents. The coating significantly reduces contamination (e.g. solder balls, flux) sticking on the stencil underside. Lower cleaning requirements + higher quality = lower process costs. The practical KIWO StencilGuard EL Setbox contains the primer, the coating components and a dosing insert, as well as lint-free cleaning cloths to do up to 25 SMD stencils.

Try for yourself and reap these advantages for your SMD process. Contact:

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