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Efficient stencil underside cleaning in the screen printer

Depending on the printing media in use, both water and solvent-based cleaning products are used for cleaning the undersides of SMD stencils in the printing machine.


Why water?
Water-based underside cleaning products are now more and more in demand. The arguments for this are work safety and environmental protection. The advantage of a one-phase formulation is that the product stays stable in its cleaning effectiveness, since it cannot demix. Two-phase products, as used in SMD cleaning units should not be used for cleaning the stencil underside. Why? Because the phases can separate and hence cleaning effectiveness can be reduced or is even insufficient.

KIWOCLEAN EL 8170 is water-based and designed especially for cleaning stencil undersides.

  • one-phased for constant quality
  • no flashpoint
  • no hazard label
  • non-hazardous product
  • biodegradable
  • low odour




  • low-odour
  • effective cleaning action
  • good drying properties
  • optimum wetting properties
  • effective prevention of bridge-building
  • non-hazardous
  • biologically degradable


The high performance cleaner KIWOCLEAN EL 8170 has been positively field tested by leading SMT printing machine manufacturers and thanks to its excellent product properties, duly approved.

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