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KIWOCLEAN EL for cleaning stencil undersides

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Efficient cleaning of stencil undersides in the screen printer

Depending on the printing media in use, both water and solvent based cleaning products are used for cleaning the undersides of SMD stencils in the printing machine.

Why water?
Thanks to work safety and environmental protection, water based cleaning products are in demand nowadays. We offer a one-phase formulation, i.e. the product stays stable in its cleaning effectiveness since it cannot demix. Two-phase products, as used in SMD cleaning units should not be used for cleaning the stencil underside as phases can separate and hence cleaning effectiveness can be reduced or is even insufficient.

is water-based and designed especially for cleaning stencil undersides:

  • one-phased for constant printing-quality
  • no flashpoint
  • no hazard label
  • non-hazardous product
  • biodegradable
  • low odour


Why solvents?
Even though water based cleaners are preferably used, some printing media (solder pastes/ adhesives) require the use of solvent based cleaners. In terms of work safety and explosion protection guidelines, cleaners with a flash point over 55 °C should be used. Alcohols with low flash points (e.g. isopropyl – flash point 13 °C) should be replaced in the cleaning process.

is your alternative: A solvent based, high-performance cleaner for the use in the stencil printer, for all kinds of solder pastes and non-hardened SMD adhesives:

  • flashpoint 62 °C
  • low odour
  • non-hazardous product
  • biodegradable

Benefits of both Products:


  • effective cleaning action
  • optimum wetting properties
  • effective prevention of bridge-building
  • no disruptive solder-balls
Your choice: KIWOCLEAN EL 8170 or EL 7750

Both products combine effective cleaning with optimum wetting properties, resulting in clean undersides of SMD stencils and the effective prevention of so-called bridge building and disruptive solder balls on SMDs.
Please ask us for a sample, so that you can see for yourself, just how well these products work.

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