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A one-component photoemulsion on the basis of renewable raw materials

One of the driving forces behind KIWO’s company philosophy is future-orientated development, combining work safety and environmental protection with the high functionality required for screenprinting. By following these principles, products were developed over the last few years like AZOCOL Z 180 NanoCoat, a highly abrasion-resistant nanotechnology emulsion, which did away with acid hardening. Also AZOCOL S 390 Conduct, a conductive emulsion, which combined with a conductive screen filler (KIWOFILLER 409 Conduct), brought advantages in the printing process (no ink sputter); during decoating with solvents, static charging of mesh is avoided.

Within the framework of such innovative projects, a new photoemulsion has been launched, predominantly based on natural, renewable raw materials. Relative to its formulation, this means up to 90%. For many years, the subject of protecting environment, climate and resources was played right down, but now the level of awareness has definitely increased. Products manufactured from renewable materials contribute many positive effects on the environment; of especial importance is their extensive carbon neutrality and biological degradability, as well as our safeguarding limited resources.

In order to make these products acceptable to screenprinters, there should be no negative effects on the functionality when such raw materials are used. This means coating, exposure behaviour, print resistance and decoating properties all have to correspond to the usual technical requirements. The good imaging resolution of POLYCOL S 210 Eco can be seen in the illustrations 1 and 2 below.

The newly developed POLYCOL S 210 Eco fulfils all important requirements in many fields of screenprinting, when printing with UV and solvent ink systems:

  • one-component
  • very good resistance against solvent and UV inks
  • conventional or CTS exposure 
  • very suitable for inkjet films (no blocking)
  • very easy to decoat
  • no hazard label required

So if you would like to do something to safeguard the environment and material resources, please support the KIWO efforts for a clean screenprinting future.  

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