Screen Chemicals


A two-component screen adhesive for a highly chemical resistant bonding of screen meshes to frames made from aluminium, steel, wood and galvanized iron frames. It can easily be applied by brush. Frame Adhesive Fast is fast drying and after curing resistant to almost all screen printing inks and most cleaning agents. The adhesive film does not embrittle and does not cut the mesh if some of the adhesive has been brushed into the screen surface.



Frame Adhesive Fast Catalyst is a green coloured hardener for Frame Adhesive Fast.



Solvent based cleaning agent for adhesives. Frame Adhesive Reducer is a quickly evaporating solvent mixture to remove adhesive residues on caoutchouc, synthetic resin- and dispersion bases. Already cured two-components-adhesives normally are not dissolved anymore.



An abrasive degreaser gel that promotes better wetting of the fabric and adhesion of the stencil, and thus, longer press life. Its degreasing action removes dirt, dust, and oils from the fabric, reducing the risk of stencil failure and pinholing. Ulanogel 23 is ready-to-use and rinses off in hot or cold water. Its thixotropic character permits easy and effective preparation of larger screens held in a vertical position. Non-caustic - will not harm frames, fabric, or adhesives on stretch and glue frames. Recommended for use with all stencil systems on synthetic fabric only.



ULANO DEGREASER 1:50 is a highly concentrated, acidic degreasing concentrate. Diluted up to 1:50 with water, the ready-to-use cleaning solution has excellent degreasing and wetting properties and is suitable for any mesh type. ULANO DEGREASER 1:50 has especially been developed for automatic screen washing units. It produces little foam and is a phosphate-free tenside combination for the removal of grease and dirt.



Magic Mesh Prep is a ready-to-use liquid combining the properties of fabric degreaser, wetting agent, and antistatic treatment. It improves the flow characteristics of liquids, facilitating more uniform coating of direct emulsions and the easier transfer of ink during printing, thereby improving printed image quality. The improved wetting of fabric also promotes the adhesion of indirect and capillary films and improves the durability of all stencil systems, for longer printing runs. The antistatic properties of Magic Mesh Prep reduce the whiskering and feathering of ink when printing under low humidity conditions.


Solvent resistant screen filler

It is used for retouching and blocking-out of solvent resistant stencils. It is fast drying and very quickly forms an elastic, very solvent resistant and abrasion resistant film.



Hardener D is a very effective liquid stencil hardener formulated to crosslink both PVOH and PVAC. It improves durability and water resistance of direct emulsions. Hardener D will make stencil removal more difficult and may embrittle the stencil.



Solvent-based ink wash for manual usage “on-press-cleaning”. Press Wash is a solvent blend that can be used to remove most screen process ink from screens, squeegees, printing tables etc. It has a mild odour, does not contain halogenated hydrocarbons, and will not affect most capillary films and direct emulsions.



A non hazardous water dilutable ink wash for solvent based inks, UV inks, plastisols and water-based inks for manual use or use in automatic cleaning units. Cleanmatic MF-12-2 can be diluted up to 4 times with water when used for the removal of plastisol or UV inks. Mixed with Stripmatic CF, a non hazardous stencil remover concentrate for manual use or use in automatic cleaning units, it removes ink and emulsion in one step.


SV 8

An universally applicable screen cleaner for the removal of commonly use non-hardened inks from the screen mesh. Especially for the use in in-line cleaning units. SV 8 is biodegradable, very mild in odour, has a high flash point and can be used for a very long time in the cleaning bath. Among others SV 8 is especially suitable for cleaning UV and solvent based inks, as well as plastisols.


SV 61

A solvent-based washup solution formulated for use in automated screen cleaning equipment. It is effective in removing paper, UV, glass, plastisol, solvent based and ceramic inks. SV 61 can be used under vacuum and is also suitable for manual usage.



A ready-to-use paste for fast and thorough removal of direct emulsions and capillary films from all types of fabric including metalized polyester. Will not etch fabric; contains no strong alkalis or hypochlorides. Odor free. Thick consistency affords somewhat easier handling for larger screens.



A concentrated liquid stencil remover for fast and thorough removal of direct emulsions and capillary films, from all types of fabric, including metalized polyester. Will not etch fabric; contains no strong alkalis or hypochlorides. Odor free.



A concentrated liquid (max. 1:20) formulated for use in automated equipment to remove direct emulsion and capillary films from screen. Stripmatic CF is acidified and contains special stabilizers to prevent the formation of precipitants if it is diluted in “hard water.” It does not contain bleach, will not attack stainless steel, and has minimal effect on synthetic screen fabric. Stripmatic CF is odorless and colorless.



A viscous, alkaline screen cleaner utilizing biodegradable solvents. It is intended to be used after normal stencil decoating to remove any ink ghost images. It can also be used as an activator with oxidizing agents (such as Ulano Ghost Remover Advance) to remove emulsion residues. Actighost Rapid Gel is virtually odor free and has a high flash point. Its high viscosity facilitates its use on coarse mesh and its application to fabric using a coating trough or brush. In normal use, Actighost Rapid Gel is sufficiently diluted with water so that it can be flushed harmlessly down the drain and into biological sewage treatment facilities.