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Environmentally compatible screen decoating concentrate for manual decoating

PREGASOL CF 70 is a highly efficient, liquid decoating concentrate for the removal of photoemulsions from screen mesh.
PREGASOL CF 70 solutions are clear and odourless, chlorine-free, will not harm the mesh and do not have a bleaching effect. The content of the PREGASOL CF 70 bottle is enough to make approx. 5 l of ready-to-use decoating solution.


  • Economical concentrate
  • Less storage
  • No bothersome measuring and thinning necessary
  • Suitable for all types of emulsions and capillary films (as long as they are not chemically hardened)
  • Environmentally compatible, contains no heavy metals or chlorine compounds


The ready-to-use solution is obtained after adding 4 – 5 l of water to the contents of the bottle of PREGASOL CF 70 and mixing well. The 5 l of water is a general guideline, for decoating more difficult emulsions, you should use a higher concentration and only add 4 – 4.5 l of water and mix well.

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